Why Tyrion Lannister will not die in Season 4

To die or not to die: Tyrion Lannister
With just two more episodes to go, who else are they going to bump off in Season 4 of Game of Thrones? As the trend with this series, some important character dies at the end of every season, I can’t help but wonder – if Oberyn’s death was it or will it give way to more deaths (in the most cruel and gruesome manner) of some prominent and famous characters in the coming episodes.
The last episode did prepare the ground for Tyrion Lannister's death. However, I don’t think he will die in this season. To use (some of) Oberyn’s words, ‘This is not the season in which Tyrion dies.’ This is not a spoiler, nor am I a psychic, I haven’t read the books and my presumption is based only on the careful observation of the series till date. The logic of - Game of Thrones surely can’t kill off its best-loved character – doesn’t work. Remember they killed Ned Stark in the very first season. But if you’ve noticed, GoT kills off characters unexpectedly, the characters you would have never imagined would have their heads chopped off from their bodies, without the slightest warning. That’s what they do. And that’s how they shock and hook the viewers.

Tyrion’s case is a bit different. Everyone is already expecting him to die, so what would be shocking as well as impressive is how they (George R. R. Martin and other writers for the series) make Tyrion survive, if not forever then at least till the end of Season 4.
Just like Gilly, who survived the wildlings attack, and the white walkers attack, and that disgusting Craster, I think Tyrion too will survive. After all, he has cheated as many as nine deaths.

But if they do kill him off in this season, Game of Thrones will surely kill the heart of the show. What do you think?