Get over here, Mortal Kombat X coming in 2015

Keep calm and keep playing Mortal Kombat. Pic credit: Daniel A via flickr
I am new to Mortal Kombat (MK), in fact I started playing it just a few months back, and to be honest, I haven’t won a single game yet. Even the rounds that I win (sometimes) are all thanks to the X-Rays, so I don’t even think of playing it on my Xbox live. Though the curious me tried it once, but my opponent, some guy named BigDaddy literally thrashed the living daylights out of my players Smoke and Cyrax.

Still I love this game. Ever since I started playing it, I have been hooked to it, so much so that I have kept Max Payne 3 and The Walking Dead on hold. MK is one of those games that, even if you are not playing, you can sit and watch and enjoy. Yes I did say enjoy, because I do enjoy watching the game being played between two professionals. The action, the fight sequences and even the ‘fatality’, everything is damn cool.
I guess my excitement for this game comes from the fact that it offers me the combined love that I have for action and horror. So imagine my excitement when I saw the trailer of Mortal Kombat X on YouTube today. Titled Who’s Next, the trailer has everything from crackling bones to tearing limbs to heads being chopped off, as the two star players Sub-Zero and Scorpion ‘fight’ to grab the ‘finish him’ moment.  

Check out the trailer for yourself and tell me.. isn’t it AWESOME.
The game is out next year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Some of you might be thinking that they’ll water it out to accommodate it on Xbox 360, but think of lesser mortals like me folks who have Xbox 360 and can’t even think of buying or upgrading to an Xbox One. Thank you NetherRealm Studios :)


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