Adding a new dimension

Hello readers,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and giving it such awesome page views in just two days. Just to update you... this blog essentially remains about eating, exploring and shopping, but while working on these topics, I realised that entertainment too has been a huge part of my life. Being an entertainment writer for as many as five years back in India, I guess, I just can't do without writing on and about entertainment. For me, it is equally important and interesting as the other three, so I've decided to add entertainment as a fourth dimension to my blog. Under this keyword, you will find some scribbles and squabbles about films, TV series, music and games (Xbox).
I have already posted two articles under the keyword entertainment - one on my favourite series Game of Thrones and the other on one of my favourite musician and singer Edwyn Collins. Do check these out and if you like then please share or leave a comment.

Happy reading :)