Breakfast at Dishoom – A Bombay café in the heart of London

Dishoom, an original Bombay-styled cafe in Covent Garden
Being an Indian, I feel it’s my right to try out as many Indian eateries as possible and then tell my friends back home, which one in the UK matches which, back in India. Oh you know, the KFCs and the McDs in the UK are different from the ones we have in Delhi. There are no veg options available here! Ok, McDonald’s has one, but you get my point right?

Anyways, so I thought I’ve done lunches and dinners at a lot of places, how about trying out breakfast at some place new? That I happened to be standing right in front of Dishoom in Covent Graden at 10:15 am on a Tuesday morning, has nothing to do with my sudden decision making.

The relaxed and cool interiors at Dishoom
To be honest, I’ve been wanting to go to this place, ever since I got to know that there is a restaurant named Dishoom. The word Dishoom means ‘kapow’ or a ‘blow’ in Bollywood language. Something that you hear when a hero throws a punch at the villain or vice-versa. So, just for the love of this word and for my love of 70s Hindi films, I wanted to visit this restaurant that boasts of paying homage to the original ‘Bombaiya’ cafes as we call it.

The old adverts (here) and the crisscross white and black flooring (below) at Dishoom 

Thankfully, there were no long queues to stand in, and I was given a choice to sit either at the shiny marble-top round tables or at the comfy, old café style big sofas. I choose the shiny marble-top. Dishoom is a cool restaurant with an elegant interior. The walls are plastered with old Bollywood movie and movie stars posters and vintage-style adverts. The discreet lighting and black and white tiled floors, evokes a throw-back canteen feel.

The staff was extremely friendly, and attended to me immediately, handing out the menu and sharing the specials, but were manically over-attentive. For some unknown reason, they all always stood huddled together, talking in hushed tones, near the open-kitchen.

Breakfast Menu
As soon as I saw Bun Maska in the menu, I knew what I wanted to order. The Bun Maska is a Bombay classic, eaten almost everywhere. The bun is toasted hot on the outside, with a slice of butter inside and is enjoyed best by dunking the hot bun in your spicy or masala chai.

Bun Maska with spicy tea
I have to admit, the Bun Maska at Dishoom did disappoint me a little. I was hoping for the authentic fresh brioche bun, filled with a generous butter spread. What I got was a super toasted bun, almost charred on top and filled with a slice of butter. However, the spicy chai covered it up for me. It was the perfect masala chai. I enjoyed it so much, I ordered two. 

Nankhatai biscuits 
Their selection of sweet Nankhatai biscuits, sprinkled with sunflower seeds, and salted Jeera biscuits, with cumin seeds, was absolutely heavenly.

Egg Naan Roll 
Next I ordered the Egg Naan Roll, and trust you me, my taste buds were in for a surprise party. The naan came wrapped around two fried eggs, with runny yolk, chilli jam, cream cheese and spicy green herbs. Warm and gratifying, the Egg Naan Roll was such a flavour party, I tell you.

With such variety in budget prices, I really wanted to try some more, but as I was running short on time, I couldn’t. However, my friend, who is a regular at Dishoom vouches for their Bacon Naan Roll and Chole Frankie. She says, they are the best ever.

Next time, I coming for Chole Frankie and Breakfast Lassi.