Street style Indian fashion jewellery - traditional style statement rings - on Sale

Maharaja style, Indian traditional style statement rings
A diamond ring that gives a sparkle to the eye. An intricately designed neckpiece to bring a smile on your face. Gorgeous pair of earrings that make you walk tall, with your head held high and that stunning solitaire ring that is a symbol of an everlasting bond of love – jewellery can be anything and everything that adds a sparkle to a woman’s life.

As someone who loves accessorizing with jewellery, I believe a woman's choice in jewellery is the truest form of self-expression, a subtle reflection of who they are. So, here, through this blog, I will bring to you some of the most elegant street fashion jewellery collection, sourced from premium quality jewellery designers and dealers, all the way from India.

We at Eat.Explore.Shop know how much you love your jewellery, and a good piece deserves to be worn on multiple occasions. So, whatever the occasion, you can always rely on us to adorn you, the way you should be. Apart from jewellery, we are also bringing to you a stunning collection of intricately embroidered, colour popping handbags - exclusively for summers!

Check out the fresh from the street collection - Part I and order right away for a free UK delivery (England only). These pocket friendly prices won’t stay pocket friendly for long, so order now! To Order, leave your name, city/ county name and email address in comments below, and we will contact you.

This is just Part III - preview. Stay logged in for more stunning designs and styles coming your way!


Whether you are planning on coordinating with your favourite necklace or simply want to make a bold statement by rocking them separately, statement rings are an essential part of any outfit...

Traditional statement rings: Stunning, stone work statement rings, delicately set in with beads and golden motifs, for a show-stopping finishing touch to a special occasion outfit. Price: £5 each 

Pic credit: Suruchi Sharma Diwan