Top three Android games that never end

Temple Run is as addictive as Twinkies. Pic credit: Jessica keating via flickr
Endless running games are attracting phone gamers in a massive way. These games that are available for free download at the Google Play store, are fun, exciting and come with stunning visual effects. Unlike games with levels such as Candy Crush Saga or Cut The Rope, these never ending games would keep you on your toes (err fingers). You might run out of lives, but these games would never end.
While there are ample never ending games in the Google store, here is my pick of the top 3 that have me and I think most of the users glued to their screens…
Temple Run: Launched in 2011, this endless running game was developed by Imangi Studios. Since then, the game has been downloaded more than 170 million times. The game has the player taking on the role of an explorer who, after having stolen a cursed idol from a temple, is chased by evil monkeys. The popularity of the game has been such that the developer has come out with a second version of the game – Temple Run 2 that has even more challenges, power boosts and thrills.
You can never get enough of these cute minions.
Pic credit: Irayani via flickr
Despicable Me: Minion Rush: Just like Temple Run, Minion Rush too is a fun-filled game that involves lovely minions running endlessly to impress their boss Gru. Jump, fly, dodge barriers, collect bananas and defeat villains to help your minion win the title of Minion of the Year. Armed with some cool 3D effects, the players of Minion Rush can choose to customise these mini yellow creatures by dressing them and giving them specific goals.
Agent Dash: Agent Dash is an action game developed and published by Full Fat Productions. In this game, as a player, your mission would be to destroy as many enemy bases as possible. The highlight of this game are stunning visuals that rush by at blazing speed. As a player, you would have to evade obstacles placed by the enemies and to do that you can use several spy gadgets such as parachutes, jetpacks, magnets, slow-motion and more. What’s more, you can even call for backup support from a fellow agent in times of need.
Tell me what are your favourite endless games on an Android phone and which games would you like to see in a list of top 5.