London surprises me

Reading - straight out of a storybook. Pic credit: Lawrence via flickr 
I love living in Reading. It is so much better than living in a city like London. Unlike London, here you can actually move about in your car without worrying about the traffic, go for long, leisure walks and enjoy the views by the side of Thames River. The whole countryside feel of the place is just amazing and I wouldn’t want to trade places with any city girl. Life here is just beautiful.

I am new to UK, not even a year old. Though I keep travelling (not for work, I’m just footloose) I honestly dread going to London. Don’t get me wrong. London is nice, but not just my kinda nice. Also I think I’m jinxed when it comes to travelling by train. Every time that I’ve taken a train from Reading to Paddington, either I’ve stepped in the wrong train, or the trains have been delayed. In short, my experience hasn’t been good. (I am to be blamed partly for it, I know) 

Busy, bustling London. Pic credit: Dough Wheeler via flickr
 But there’s one thing that I have to applaud London for and that is - there is constantly something unique or interesting happening if not unique or interesting, there is always something happening (You agree, don’t you). One can always find some or other interesting person showcasing his or her talent either at the stations, underground or even in narrow streets. Though London is too rushed for my liking, but it feels nice to see people stopping by to appreciate their talent.

One such talent I spotted during my visit to London recently. Though I don’t know the name of the guy, he was an awesome drummer. I was so impressed by his skills that I gave him a £10 note (that’s a lot of money for a jobless person like me). The way he interacted with the crowd, the way he made music from old buckets and steel plates, I was like… impressed. Many of you might not agree with me, but then its okay, I think this guy is pretty talented and I wanted to share this video with everyone. His music made me happy, might work for you too :)

Check it out here. (For some reason blogger was showing an error while uploading the video so I had to link it on google +. If anyone knows how to fix this then please do let me know. I'll be highly grateful.

Sorry about the poor quality of the video. I wasn’t carrying my camera. This was shot on my humble Blackberry Bold.