Some feel good shopping.. peeptoes love

I absolutely loooooove reading people's shopping posts so here is mine and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed spending on it :p. So, I was looking to buy some cool heels that will work well with my dresses as well as with my new bootcut jeans (yeah.. ok, I may have been spending a little too much on shopping, I admit).
I went to almost all major shops, looking for something that would look chic, add a lil inches to my frame and was comfortable enough for me to strut around… and I found exactly that at ZARA. (Here I would like to add a Disclaimer: Although Zara products are mentioned and featured in this post I have not been paid by Zara to write this article and will not be receiving any payment for the publishing of this article. Please do not feel I am pushing any form of marketing upon you - the reader – instead I am just sharing what I think is a good purchase. Everything you read in this article are my own words and are not in any way affiliated with the brand of Zara.)
So, here is what I bought and I think it is really cool. What do you think?

It is just the right colour – will go with almost everything - and the heels are just perfect to be worn on a sunny day out.

HEEL HEIGHT: 3.5 inches (approx)
SIZES: Available in sizes 3-8
COLOUR: Peach Nude
PADDING: Comfortable padded insole concentrating on the ball of the foot
WIDTH: Available in wide width (which I love as I have broad feet)
COLOUR: Available in 2 colours – Navy Blue and Peach nude
PRICE: £29.99 (Isn't that cool!!!)