Healty hair, skin and YOU

OK... so now this post is a compilation of all the awesome natural stuff that you can do to achieve excellent skin, healthy hair and a beautiful body. These are just simple tips and tricks that I have personally tried and it has worked well for me... so I thought of sharing it all with my readers. Here it is:  
The first one is on general detox
Now, all of you (ok, most of you) would agree that our body needs to undergo a detox every week. If not every week, then at least twice a month. Now by detox, I don't mean you going out to a clinic and indulging in those expensive treatments. You can flush out the toxins very easily in the comfort of your home by just drinking water, mixed with some special, easily available, ingredients.

Make your own detox water

Just take 2 lts of water and add 1 cucumber, 1 lemon, a dozen mint leaves and keep it in the fridge overnight and then drink every day. Simple. Isn't it. You can make and preserve this water for 3-5 days maximum or make your fresh detox water every day. Drink this detox water and you'll get clear skin in no time.

Have a great hair day, every day!
Now, here, I am speaking for myself. The UK weather isn't working too well with my hair and my scalp. My hair has become frizzy and dry and if I use conditioning products and serums then, for a day or two, my hair looks good, but the third day, my scalp becomes so oily (because of the serum and other leave in products) that it starts to itch. So, here's what I do take care of my hair problem, and believe you me, it has worked (for me at least, and I hope it works for others too who are facing similar issues)

Make your own scalp cleaners like THIS:

A face that looks like a million bucks
Taking care of your face should be a ritual that every girl should follow. While we all know about the three steps - wash, tone, moisturise - there is another step that should be included in your face cleaning ritual - Scrub. While scrubbing your face daily isn't recommended, you can do so once a week, or twice maybe, but no more. Scrubbing helps remove dead cells from your skin, giving it a natural glow.

Here's how you can make you home scrub:

What about your body?
We all take good care of our face, but what about the body? Many of us are guilty of not taking good care of the skin on our body. The rest of your skin is as prone to dryness, rashes, acne and blackheads as the skin on your face. Taking care and maintaining a healthy skin on your body isn't a task that everyone believes it to be. With just a few minutes extra, you can have skin that's as soft and supple as a baby's.  

Here's how you can get that baby soft skin:
Go on, try these out, you have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain… and let me know if any of it worked well for you. You can even share your own go to tips and tricks for healthy hair, skin and overall body.