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Who doesn't love sales? I know I do. The rush of the discounts, the eye-catching display in the windows, the screaming placards announcing Up to 60, 70, 80% off! Oh bliss! 

So, this new post is about SALE!! Personally, I wait for these Autumn/Winter, Fall Summer, Spring/Summer sales. Why? Because you get everything cheaper, duh! The same coat that you saw in Zara for £39.99, will be made available to you for half the price at £19.59. Who cares if you need it or not. It just feels right at that price. Those shoes, oh well, "I already have a rack full of shoes," you argue with yourself, but when you see that 70% off sign, the same pair just starts to feel like a necessity. If you share these sentiments, don't feel bad, or feel alone. I'm 100% with you in this. (Like a soul sister, if that helps!) 

So, I thought of sharing this exciting news of current sales that are going on at some of my favourite brands. However, a disclaimer first: Although various brands and their products are mentioned and featured in this post I have not been paid by any of these brands to write this article and will not be receiving any payment for the publishing of this article. Please do not feel I am pushing any form of marketing upon you - the reader – instead I am just sharing what I think is a good bargain. Everything you read in this article are my own words and are not in any way affiliated with any of the brands mentioned below.

Now, let’s start with my absolute favourite - House of Fraser. It is my 'go to' shop for absolutely everything. Starting from apparels to shoes; kitchenware to home accessories; make-up to electricals - you will find everything under one roof. And how amazing will that be if all that you need is put up on a clearance sale? Yes, House of Fraser is offering up to 70% off clearance sale on dresses, dining & glassware and up to 50% off on knitwear, bags & luggage. There is also a 20-50% off on shoes, boots, beauty products and accessories. Kids, don't ya feel left out. There is a massive up to 60% off on kids clothing, toys and nursery goods. 

Here's how you can reach House of Fraser 

Next comes my second best favourite - Marks & Spenser. Have you noticed how they have gone all chic and cool and colourful, over the past 2-3 years? It's no longer the shop for dull and boring people (no offence). M&S has had a makeover and how! The store is currently offering a flat 20% off on knitwear and dresses and skirts. However, if you love M&S, I would strongly recommend signing up at their website for latest offers. They almost fortnightly do a one-day online sale, offering various discounts to their online customers. And trust me, it is worth registering. 

Here's how you can reach Marks & Spenser

In my top 5, the third position is taken by H&M. Their products are cool, hip, interesting and most of all affordable. So, it comes as an even greater joy when H&M puts a sale. Check out their cool jumpers, currently on up to 70% off. Their dresses too are on sale, making them a catch. Kids - again, you guys can have the coolest accessories starting from just £2. 

Here's how you can reach H&M

Now, moving on from clothes to shoes. I absolutely adore stuff from schuh. From slick slip-ons to trainers to boots to sandals, you can be sure to find an interesting display of collection. They also do bags (love their duffel bags), caps, bum bags and shoe care products. They are running an up to 80% off in their store on shoes, boots, uggs and trainers. Hey students, you are in for a treat. You guys get an additional 10% discount :) 

Here's how you can reach schuh

And last, but not the least, Office. They always have the most awesome collection ever, however the price is always on the higher side (for me at least!). So, I can't wait for the time when they put their collection on sale. Coz, that is the only time that I can afford to buy anything from that store (ironic, isn't it). So Office has a 70% off going on on selected boots, whereas there is an up to 50% off on spring styles. Mens smart shoes are £35 and under, whereas you can get your hands on a Vans pair for £25. 

Here's how you can reach office

Have I missed any of your favourite brands that are on sale? Let me know. I will add them to my list. Maybe pay them a visit too :) 

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