How about cooking with wine?

Wine can add a great flavour to food during cooking. A few tips on how to not go overboard with this unusual ingredient.

I love cooking with wine. The first time I tried it was when I cooked white sauce pasta with Pinot Grigio. And let me tell you, it turned out to be awesome. It had a smooth texture coupled with a nice aroma of spices blended with wine. So, I researched more online, on how to cook with wine. What I found was extensive, coz you know, Internet has all the answers, but here, in this post I'm sharing with you some basic, but very useful tips...

Wine, conversations and cooking: A great way of enjoying food together

- Wine is a great ingredient to add to your food, if you don't want to use fatty oils or butter. Along with adding tons of flavour to a dish, it also give it a lot of moisture.

- If you are baking pastries, add wine instead of butter. You will get a wonderful light texture for your pastry, plus it will adds many distinct layers of flavours that you won't get otherwise.

- Avoid cooking with sweet wines. Instead, go for dry wines in white or red, because those don't contain nearly as much sugar. When you cook with a sweet wine, the dish will turn out to be extra sweet, because the wine is already full of sugar.

- Whenever you are cooking with any kind of alcohol, you must give it time to burn off, or your whole dish will tastes very alcoholic. So add wine at the beginning of the dish so that it can infuse and mix with all the meats and vegetables.

Food for thought :)