Travel your blues away

Scenic and beautiful: Yorkshire

Just back from a mini vacation in Yorkshire, I felt that I absolutely had to write this piece on why travelling/ or taking a vacation is so important. It’s been a year now for me in the UK and I can safely say this, with a hand on my heart that for me, traveling is the new elixir of life.
Ok, so let me put it this way. How often is it that you talk about the trials and tribulations of life? How you feel that your job is getting strenuous and your mind is getting stressful? How you need a break and how you crave for a vacation to relax and unwind. My guess is as good as yours – almost all of us feel the same. And all these are symptoms of a stressed mind and body.

Stress - that’s killing us slowly, that is sucking the daylights out of us human beings and turning us into nervous wrecks. Okay excluding the ‘boss types’, their lives might be a bit easier than us mortal humans but then, they too have their share of decision-making stress. Well, the point is all of us have our own home-grown version of job-related stress. It is time that we do something about it, and what best way to fight it out than by going on a vacation.

Vacations have the potential to break into the stress cycle. Not only would you emerge from a holiday feeling ready to take on the world again, you are also likely to gain new perspectives to fix your problems. Apart from that vacations are the best way of relaxing with your families or with your friends.

While there is no denying that traveling opens up your mind and takes your mind off that undue stress, but an unplanned or unorganised planning trip might add to your stress than take any away. So, it is best to keep certain things in mind before you plan your stress busting holiday. Here’s the checklist:

Plan in advance
This is no 1990s people. You don’t need to go to the library or depend wholly and solely on your travel agent to help you plan and book a trip. This is the internet age and you can finalise the location, the hotel room, the view from your balcony and everything that you can think of all at the click of a button. Go online and browse through the destinations that you would like to go to, then finalise a place as well as your itinerary before packing your bags for the big trip.

Leave the guilt home
Relax and unwind: You deserve every bit of that break
You DESERVE it. Yes. Every human being worth its while has the right to enjoy a few days of peace and calm without a single worry over his head. So, if you are taking time out to go on a vacation, khud par ek ehsaan karna, leave that guilt of – What will happen in office in my absence? Am I doing the right thing? What will my boss think? – home. You don’t need this extra baggage.

Make it an adventure
Now, everyone has a different idea of adventure. For some, adventure is rafting in white waters of Rishikesh and for some it is exploring an unknown destination like villages of Assam. Whatever your idea of adventure is, make sure you do a few things out of your comfort zone. Relaxing at the beach with a book in hand is good, but how about going surfing on those beach waters? Doing something different will make it an adventure.

Be ready for adversities
Though vacations are happy times, god forbid if anything goes wrong, you should be in a position to help yourself and your family. So take this practical advice and keep a medical box handy for medical emergencies. If travelling abroad keep xerox copies of your passport and visa. Travel light, not just in terms of clothes, but also in terms of cash, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Take home memories
Yes.. I was there :)
Vacations are the best way of making memories and then cherishing them later. Camera rolls ke zamane gaye. Now you don’t have to worry about carrying 10 rolls of film for a 10-day trip. Digital cameras have made life much easier so that you can click hundreds of pictures and make hundreds of memories.

Another way of taking that memory of your vacation back home with you is by buying souvenirs. Those kitchen magnets or those small trinkets make for perfect nostalgic pieces that would remind you of those good old days.
Keep these small pointers in mind and set out to sail. Give that stress a break and go out to reclaim your life… after all you only live once, and it isn’t worth dying behind the desk. Is it?
All pictures copyright: Suruchi Sharma Diwan