House of Flavours - review. One of the best Indian restaurant in Reading

Indian Restaurant & Bar, House of Flavours, Kings Road, Reading
Reading in Berkshire, UK has a lot of amazing eateries and undoubtedly the place houses some of the best Indian restaurants. Having tried almost all of them in the past one year, I have to say that House of Flavours on Kings Road tops my list of amazing Indian restaurant offering good quality food and excellent ambience coupled with good service.

I had the good fortune of meeting the owners - Mr Chander and Mr Gurpreet - when they had just opened the doors to their new restaurant in September, for menu tasting. Since then, I have to say, I have been very impressed with their hospitality and kind personal attention, every time that I have visited the restaurant with my family or with my friends. From suggesting Today's Specials to personally looking after their guests, the owners do a commendable job of making each and every person present in their restaurant feel at home.

Why the review now? Well, I went to have dinner at the restaurant again some time back, to use the offer that was being advertised on Facebook - 25% off on food bill. And I have been raving about the newly updated menu so much that my friends asked me to write a review about the same on my blog. So, here it is:

The interesting décor
When we reached the restaurant at around 8.30pm, it was unusually packed for a Tuesday night, but we were seated in a comfortable spot and were seen by an attendant right away. To start off, I ordered Sweet Kewra Lassi (£2.99) while my husband ordered a Johhnie Walker Black Lable (£5.58). The drinks were served immediately along with poppadoms that came with a selection of spiced onions, mango chutney (the yummiest ever!!) and mint sauce (99p per person) as we pondered over the vast menu to decide what to order for mains.

Yummy Kewra Lassi
Finally I decided on ordering Nargisi Subz Kebab as starter and Paneer Taka Tak with butter naan for myself, while my husband opted for a spicy Chicken Jalfrezi with tandoori roti as a main with Lasooni Chicken Tikka as starter.

Nargisi Subz Kebab
Though the starters took some time to arrive on our table, it was worth the wait. Being a vegetarian, I rarely find good starters in Indian restaurants - in fact all I can find in name of starters is paneer - paneer tikka, paneer pakoda or paneer patty. Nargisi Subz Kebab was a delight. And going by the satisfaction on my husband's face, I can say that he too enjoyed his Lasooni Chicken Tikka.

Lasooni Chicken Tikka
Our main course announced its arrival, way before it landed on our table. Such sizzling noise it made, popping away on the skillet, that few even turned to see what was coming on our table. Since all their dishes are made to order, I asked for less spicy while my husband went the whole hog in asking them to make the spiciest Jalfrezi ever. What can I say, we both have different taste when it comes to food, and the restaurant did their best to serve us food according to our liking.

(From top to bottom) Paneer Taka Tak, Chiken Jalfrezi and butter naan
The butter naan was just perfect - perfectly layered, buttery, chewy and soft. I couldn't have asked for more. After all this, there was absolutely no place for desserts, but I would highly recommend their Gulab Jamuns. They are the bestest that you will find in Reading.

With such an awesome gourmet delight, an added 25% off on our food bill was like a cherry on top. And just as we got up to leave, I looked at my husband and said, "We are definitely coming here again." He gave me a big smile.

Two course with Beer/ Wine/ Drink - £13.99
Three course with Beer/ Wine/ Drink - £15.99

p.s: Don't go by their online menu. I think they haven't updated it yet. They've added a lot more dishes to their menu now.